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Pattaya is a haven for nightlife lovers and revelers who want to let their hair down during this vibrant coastal city in Thailand. With tour packages for Pattaya, there's an ideal opportunity for travelers to start a journey of sugary beaches, a rocking nightlife and a few of the most beautiful views of the Pattaya Bay. Located on the East Coast of the Gulf of Thailand, Pattaya is pretty on the brink of Bangkok, the country capital, and is thus a more popular tourist destination than the opposite regions of the country. Pattaya wont to be a quiet, quaint little fishing village nearly half a dozen decades ago and is currently on the list of the highest party destinations of the planet . inspect the simplest -selling Pattaya tour packages available at the best rates.

Best Pattaya Packages
Take a Trip to Pattaya Book now
₹28.000 ₹23.150
Mesmerizing Pattaya Package Book now
₹28.000 ₹23.950
Welcome Pattaya Family Package Book now
₹28.000 ₹23.825
Awesome Pattaya Tour Package Book now
₹28.000 ₹19.950
Easy Pattaya Book now

Easy Pattaya

5D - Pattaya

₹28.000 ₹21.450
Pattaya for Youth Book now

Pattaya for Youth

5D - Pattaya

₹28.000 ₹21.650
Simply Pattaya Book now

Simply Pattaya

5D - Pattaya

₹25.000 ₹19.850
Pattaya Delight 4 Nights and 5 Days Book now
₹25.000 ₹19.850
Pattaya Getaway 4 Nights and 5 Days Book now
₹25.000 ₹17.850
Amazing Pattaya 4 Nights and 5 Days Book now
₹25.000 ₹19.925
Explore Pattaya 4 Nights and 5 Days Book now
₹25.000 ₹21.325
Different Experience Pattaya Book now
₹40.000 ₹21.525
Magnificent Pattaya Family Fiesta Book now
₹34.000 ₹21.750
Incredible Pattaya Family Fiesta Book now
₹34.000 ₹23.550
Memorable Pattaya Family Fiesta Book now
₹29.000 ₹23.150
Pattaya Honeymoon Fiesta Book now
₹29.000 ₹23.325
Sweet Pattaya Honeymoon Special Book now
₹30.000 ₹21.725
Romantic Pattaya Honeymoon Special 4 Nights 5 Days Book now
Discover Pattaya Honeymoon Special 4 Nights 5 Days Book now
Pattaya Family Package - Kids Friendly 4 Nights 5 Days Book now
Pattaya Family Package - Kids Special 4 Nights 5 Days Book now
Loving Pattaya For Family 4 Nights 5 Days Book now
₹24.000 ₹19.450
Perfect Pattaya For Family  4 Nights 5 Days Book now
₹24.000 ₹21.325
₹24.000 ₹21.725
Best Pattaya Interesting Deals 4 Nights 5 Days Book now
₹20.000 ₹17.725
Best Pattaya Magical Deal 4 Nights 5 Days Book now
₹20.000 ₹17.850
Best Pattaya Crazy Deals 4 Nights 5 Days Book now
₹20.000 ₹17.850
Pattaya Crazy Deals 4 Nights 5 Days Book now
₹20.000 ₹15.850
Amazing Pattaya Deals  4 Nights 5 Days Book now
₹20.000 ₹15.725
Super Saver Pattaya Tour Package 4 Nights 5 Days Book now
Budget Pattaya Short Trip 4 Nights 5 Days Book now
₹18.000 ₹14.350
Budget Friendly Pattaya trip 4 Nights  5 Days Book now
₹18.000 ₹13.850
Budget Friendly Pattaya tour Package 4 Nights  5 Days Book now
Budget Pattaya Short Trip 3 Nights 4 Days Book now
₹18.000 ₹14.850
Budget Pattaya Trip 3 Nights 4 Days Book now
₹18.000 ₹12.350
Budget Pattaya 3 Nights 4 Days Book now
₹18.000 ₹10.350
Exotic Thailand Family Tour Package Book now
₹55.000 ₹23.525
Exclusive Pattaya - Mood For Relax Book now
₹17.000 ₹14.350
Best Thing To do

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walking Street Pattaya

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VT Six Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

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Pattaya is the beach destination is a huge favourite among tourists across the world. Pattaya cannot be explained or experienced in words, so book a Pattaya tour package to get amazed by this beach resort city.

Pattaya Tour Packages   - No. of Days  - Price*

Exclusive Pattaya (Ex - Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chennai) - Mood For Relax 4 Nights/5 Days  - 14000/-

Thailand Family Tour Package to Pattaya and Bangkok 4 Nights/5 Days  - 45000/-

Relaxing Thailand Family Holiday Package 4 Nights/5 Days  - 44.000/-

Relaxing Getaway Thailand Family Holiday Package 4 Nights/5 Days  - 51000/-

Exotic Thailand Family Tour Package 4 Nights/5 Days  - 13500/-


Pattaya is all about the sun, sand and beach resorts and this makes it a popular holiday destination.  Pattaya is one city you could visit any time of the year. However, November to February is the best time, since it is neither too cold, nor too hot.

 While in Pattaya, don’t forget to go snorkeling and scuba diving to see the Coral Island. We highly recommend a visit to the Open zoo, the botanical garden and Tiger zoo.  Spice up the night with a cabaret show or just walk the street and savour the sea food. If you just want to laze, sit under a sun umbrella at Koh Samet and watch the waves.

 Places to Visit-Significance      

Coral Island -Go snorkelling or scuba diving and see the wonderful underwater world here. The colourful fish and corals are a delight to watch.    Know More About Coral Island

Kaan Show -Watch Thai literature come alive like never before at the Kaan Show. A combination of action, stage performances with the aid of modern technology, this is one show that is highly recommended. Know More About Kaan Show

Siam Pattaya  -This beautiful garden has miniatures of all the wonders of the world.      

Chantabhuri Sapphire Mines - Visit the famous mines and see how stones are found, cut and polished.            

Koh Samet Island  -This is one place where you can simply sit and watch the blue water and waves for hours together. You could also go swimming at the Diamond Beach.     

Museums    - Pattaya has some interesting museums. Apart from the historical ones, Pattaya also have the Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum.          

Local Markets -The Floating market is well known for its souvenirs. The Walking street is the place to indulge in some retail therapy.   

 To experience the sun, sand and the waves at Pattaya, book a Pattaya tour package with Thomas Cook.  With a detailed itinerary and every minute detail taken care of, all you need to do is soak in the goodness of a relaxed holiday.

Is A Tour To Pattaya A Good Option For Everyone?

Despite its reputation as a party hub, Pattaya has something or the other to offer people of all ages and all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if the travelers are on a honeymoon a family trip, a get-together with friends, a solo trip or even an office offsite, Pattaya promises to be fabulous for everybody. The city is not all about parties, nightclubs, and bars! In fact, opting for right Pattaya packages will bring you closer to the real Pattaya that is full of smiling locals, beautiful vistas, hidden coves at popular beaches, local eateries, and street markets that sell anything from shoes to utensils. If one needs a break from the loud music and neon lights, there are several ways to spend the days.

Many people who are planning a Pattaya trip plan also think twice if the place is for everyone. Owing to its reputation, many people have this notion that Pattaya is all about late night parties, however, that is not the whole truth. There is more to Pattaya then just bustling parties. The city is home to many ornate temples and beautiful beaches that are a hotspot for water sports activities. Apart from this, the city also hosts Alcazar Cabaret Show that is just one of the highlights of visiting Pattaya. It is something that can be enjoyed by everyone.

5 Major Activities One Can Indulge On A Pattaya Tour

The beaches are sure to be the highlight of any and all Pattaya holidays, and the one to stand out among all beaches here is the Jomtien Beach, where seaside resorts abound and the turquoise blue waters are the perfect respite from the hustle bustle of city life.

Watersports are a favorite pastime here. One can choose from options such as snorkeling, diving, jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, fishing, water skiing, windsurfing, wakeboarding, and banana boating.

For the less adventurous, there are options to simply enjoy a few rounds of beach volleyball, wade in shallow lagoons or simply get a fabulous tan at the beach.

For kids, there are attractions such as the Sriracha Tiger Zoo, Cartoon Network Amazone Waterpark, the Teddy Bear Museum and the Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum.

For the young and the young at heart, there are plenty of nightclubs for drinks and entertainment, such as the Soi 6, Beach Road and Walking Street.

There are also plenty of shopping opportunities for the shopaholic, such as The Pattaya Floating Market, Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya, Central Center Pattaya and the ever popular Mike Shopping Mall.



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