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Pattaya Boxing World

Watch fights between Thai and foreign boxers Watching an evening of MAX Muay Thai boxing is an exciting experience for young and old. Every night spectators can watch fights between Thais and foreigners from countries across the world.[...]

KAAN Show Pattaya

KAAN Show Pattaya opened its door to the public in 2017, after 3 years of productions and 2 years of rehearsals. Since then, KAAN Show has risen to become one of the most popular shows in Thailand.  As widely known, Singha Corporation,[...]

Frost Magical Ice of Siam

Freezing experience at Pattaya! Avail this ticket and experience a different side of Siam in negative 10-degree temperatures as you explore the first ice dome in Pattaya. Enjoy 30,000 sqm of sculptures, exhibits, and activities that[...]

Ramayana Water Park Pattaya

Ramayana Water park is known as one of the largest water parks in Pattaya. It is spread over 184,000 square meters and features more than 50 slides. The water park has a section for all age groups. The shaded lagoon for little kids, the high[...]


If you like getting an adrenaline rush out of extreme water sports, try flyboarding in Pattaya. Become a real-life Iron Man as you fly into the air with the help of a hose and a special board attached to your shows. You can fly as high as 15 meters[...]

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